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The teachings of Transference Healing unify universal spiritual lineages, multi-dimensional healing modalities, quantum physics and the technology of light.   For it is light's interaction with matter that is integral to our existance on this planet, the structure of the universe and the development of life as a whole. 

These workshops enable you to run healing sessions for yourself and free sessions for your family and friends. 

Animal Magic  

One Day Workshop - £485* (Deposit £240)
*£425, for those who already own the Animal Magic Book & Cards.

This fun and magical day will enhance your intuition and give you an opportunity to work with the Animal Magic Divination Cards written and channelled by Alexis Cartwright.   The insights you receive will strengthen your connection to the animal and elemental kingdoms, along with the mythical beings that are supporting humanity from the higher realms.  In addition, you will divine and work with the mythical totem animal that will come through to support your empowerment & self-mastery journey.  You will also be guided to perform a powerful Circle of Fire to activate purification, empowerment and healing within your own home and sacred space.  

Inclusions:  Workshop manual and all the tools required to create an etheric sacred "Circle of Fire" (Selenite wand & 13 x gridding crystals) along with the Animal Magic Divination pack, (value £60*), an invaluable tool for your everyday life.   

Please be in touch to finalise booking and payment details. 

Child of Light Workshop

One Day Workshop - £425 (Deposit £240)

The Child of Light Workshop supports you to work with your inner child and expand your awareness concerning the Children now incarnating on Earth.  You will also learn a unique procedure, channelled through the energetic influence of the planet, Chiron, that supports both adults and children to anchor and align with the planet Earth's new arising frequency and multi-dimensional global grid.        

As a result of the 5th Dimensional Template that you will receive and learn to activate on this day, everyone who lives within your home environment will have the opportunity to shift and evolve with more ease.  

Inclusions: A set of comprehensive workshop notes, full colour workshop templates, Platonic Solids Crystal Set.

Please be in touch to finalise booking and payment details.

Beyond Doorways - Level 1

One Day Workshop - £425 (Deposit £240)

A fascinating and empowering day during which you will deepen your connection to the healing powers of nature.  

On this day, you will receive easy to learn self-healing procedures for use in your everyday life.  These enable you to clear and sustain your energy-field, resulting in more ease and flow within your reality.  

We will also explore the universal activity impacting our earth at this time and you will also gain insight concerning your own energetic make-up.     

Inclusions: You will receive a set of comprehensive workshop notes, 2 full colour workshop templates and the Beyond Doorways Lightbody Kit containing 15 vibrational essences.

Please be in touch to finalise booking and payment details.

Beyond Doorways - Level 2

One Day Workshop - £425 (Deposit £240)

On this day we tap into the higher teachings of Transference Healing® that embraces the technology of the human Lightbody system.  We delve into the mysteries of matter and light through the utilisation of crystal wands, timelines and the mysteries connected to the Crystal Skulls.  You will also be working with an ancient Stargate gridding system, bringing the light of heaven to earth.   

Inclusions: A set of comprehensive workshop notes, two quartz wands, a Lemurian  timeline-crystal, a small crystal skull, and the Crystal Star Gate Gridding Kit (a template and  13 gridding crystals).

Please be in touch to finalise booking and payment details. 


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                                         All costs  given are in accordance with Transference Healing® Pricing Policy that is designed to protect the purity and integrity of the energy.