About me

and my journey

Transference Healing changed my life.

After many years of being immersed within the confines of my ego-personality, I ignored the whispering of spirit that had little place within my day-to-day world, travelling and working long-hours in the feature film industry.

Looking back, I realise that for years my soul was crying and my body was breaking down, yet I was so trying to be happy that I continued to deceive myself. I always figured that the next project would make everything better.


Eventually, thanks to many divine synchronicities, including physical illness, I became so desperate that I knew I had to change my life. I walked away from a successful career, moved out of London and took on local and less pressurised employment; this in turn coincided with the loss of my dear Mum to dementia and her demise.

It was also at this time that, due to my on-going ill health and disappointment in the medical profession that I sought to educate myself within the realms of more alternative and complementary therapies. I studied variousforms of reiki, became a massage therapist and undertook numerous other workshops, but still I floundered and for 2-3 years nothing changed.

Then one November day, I came upon the book, “Beyond Doorways” that inspired me to attend a presentation given by Alexis Cartwright about Transference Healing. I have to admit that I did not understand much of what I heard that evening, yet I sensed that I had found the resonance that I had been seeking and felt strangely at home. This was when I, and my life started to change.

Receiving regular Transference sessions not only helped to strengthen me physically, they also shifted my consciousness and in turn inspired me to undertake the training and supported my reconnection to the transformational powers of nature…..the Deva is a “Being” of light, ether and intelligence that enables us toreconnect to the crystalline light frequencies and highest dimensions of the universal grid; the earth and the cosmos.

The power of “Transference” maybe witnessed within the rhythms of nature. The coming of Spring is initiated through the shedding of autumn leaves; purification – a process that gently overlaps with the breaking down of the diminishing season’s growth; putrefaction. These alchemical effects then create nutrients that rejuvenate the soil and resources the fresh growth that heralds the coming season and the next cycle of evolution.

Aligning with these energies, it is a joy to be able to support others on their spiritual empowerment journey, as we each learn to take responsibility for the self-mastery that is the divine right of us all.

Blessings, Cate xxx


My location

and its healing support

It is the sacred power of the Earth’s grid and its elemental energies that lies at the heart of the sessions that I facilitate. Here, within the environs of Glastonbury, from beneath the warm, damp earth, soft mists arise and waft across the lush green landscape that is home to the magic that is ready to be shared. 

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