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  Transference Healing

What I love about "Transference" is how uniquely people respond to the energy they receive.

Each healing is an individual divinely guided process that works through the powers of nature, alchemy and light 

and enhances the frequency and function of spiritual, emotional, mental consciousness and wellbeing.

All of which regulate our states of health, life balance and intuition.

Receiving "Transference" enables you to lift your vibration, release the limitations that hold you back, 

and supports you to accomplish and sustain positive change within your reality.  


This is pure frequency healing with no physical touch required, so you are welcome to 

receive the energy either in-person or absentee.

 You may visit the HEALINGS page to choose the option that you are most drawn to at this time. 

I am blessed to live on the outskirts of Glastonbury, where within the surrounding landscapes of flowing waters and lush pastures exist gateways to the spiritual realms and the healing resources of the planet and the universe in which we live.   

Ultimately we are all on a path of self-healing and the purification that is required for us to embody 

authenticity and the Light of our true-selves. 

You are welcome to get in touch to make a booking, or with any enquiries. 



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