- A l l o w T h e L i g h t -

 What I love about the Transference Healing is how uniquely everyone responds.

In essence, 'Transference' alchemically assimilates the healing elements of the earth with the higher cosmic frequencies that are needed to heal and integrate the lightbody; this enables more of  "yourself" - your inner essence and divinity to be revealed.

The physical body is the vessel through which we heal the soul and the soul the vessel through which we heal the lightbody.

Assimilating this energy is a key to maintaining health, balance and wellness during these times of change.

This is pure frequency healing and you are welcome to receive the energy either in-person or absentee.  

 You may visit the HEALINGS page to select the session that will best suit you at this time.

I am blessed to live on the outskirts of Glastonbury, where within the surrounding landscapes of flowing waters and lush pastures exist gateways to the spiritual realms and the healing resources of the planet and the universe in which we live.

Ultimately we are all on a path of self-healing and the clearing that is required for us to embody the Light of our true selves.

This is not always easy but it is the path that I walk and I will be with you.
You are welcome to get in touch for an appointment or with any enquiries.   Blessings, Cate xxx

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