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I look forward to welcoming you to sit back and relax as you receive these energies either distantly or in-person.
"Absentee" healings are just as effective, regardless of where you are at the time.

Beyond Doorways - Energy Balance

If attending in-person, please allow 45 mins to include feedback, £50

If you are in need of a boost through feeling drained, anxious, unwell or just not 100%, this session will help you become more centred and grounded.  It will clear your energyfield and enable you to experience more clarity and focus. 

You may click HERE to make a booking and I will contact you to arrange your appointment. 

If you are seeking a deeper level of change, it is the full Transference Healing, described below, that is recommended.


Transference Healing 

If attending in-person, please allow 90 mins to include feedback, £85

This full alchemical and lighbody healing energy creates a purification space, where, through the delegation of your higher-self, you receive light-frequencies that activate alchemical shifts and enable change.  
Like tuning into different wavelengths of a radio set, as each new frequency is reached we are able to decode and release the past patterns.  In turn, innate gifts hidden within begin to reactivate.   

At the end of the session you will receive feedback by way of short reading, along with your uniquely created Lightbody Essence® to assist in the integration of the frequencies that have come through for you.  If receiving "absentee" your essence will be posted and arrangements agreed upon for you to receive feedback. 

You may click HERE to make a booking and I will contact you to arrange your appointment.

Please be aware that you are likely to continue to integrate the energy for at least three weeks after an appointment.  In some instances as past patterns and long suppressed emotions start to release, your experience may be less than comfortable.  Whilst you are welcome to contact me if this is the case, please be assured that this is a sign that the alchemical purification and healing process is underway.  Receiving this energy on a regular bas is the most beneficial way to effect ongoing change.

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If you are feeling impelled to push your growth, or are experiencing a time of overwhelm, stress or stagnation, it is the Seven Planes of Transformation Healing Session, described below, that is recommended. 

Seven Planes of Transformation Healing Session

If attending in-person, please allow 2-hours to include feedback, £112

As well as receiving your full Transference Healing - see above - this extended session will additionally focus upon a particular plane and corresponding power-centre within the body; the area of focus will be divinely guided at the time of your appointment. 

You may click HERE to book a Seven Planes of Transformation Session and I will contact you to arrange a suitable time and date.

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